Bringing the power of data analytics and customer Insight into the hands of small businesses to exponentially grow sales and increase ROI.


We help brands accelerate their marketing, branding and e-commerce strategies through a combination of digital diagnostics, testing, and roadmap development. 

From aspirational to persuadable, we are a collective of innovators who leverage customer experience technology-led transformation to drive real business impact for our clients.

From choosing the right technology stack, to platform and data integration, our consultants help businesses and strategic partners solve the marketing analytics problem.

To unlock the full potential of their business, selling outcomes, not projects, our incentives are aligned with our clients’ by applying our fees to their results.

Starting with a growth methodology, we help brands leverage data and technology to craft superior brand experience.

Leveraging the full marketing potential, a marketing strategy with a proven customer acquisition system. A data analysis centering your business objectives within a lean roadmap designed to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, achieving productivity gains, thus transforming your business to become positioned well ahead of the competition.

Data Insight’s predictive analytics for small business marketing prescription blueprint help decision makers generate exceptional results in delivering pillar business opportunities that:

  • Empower customer relationships
  • Increase product development
  • Drive conversions

We crack the code and the mastery of data marketing analytics, thereby enabling small business with predictive analysis prescription for better decision making, lean outcomes, new business opportunities and better marketing campaigns.

We empower strategic agency partners with the same advanced analytics tools and proven strategies developed for organizations and national brands. Our secret? 



Past Clients


Bridging the Data Gap Between Business and IT

Paid Advertising

Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Display & Paid Media, Facebook Messenger Bot, Sales Funnels

Data Science

Make Your Technology & Data Work For You. Web & Media Analytics, Online/offline attribution, Tracking, Customer Analytics, RTB, Attribution, Data solutions, Data mining & Data Science. Predictive Analytics

Search Engine Marketing

SEO - SEM - PPC - Local Search Optimisation - Content Optimisation, Web testing (A/B, multivariate),

Social Media Marketing

Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, we help you define specific audiences and affinities to target and have your content seen.

We’re entrepreneurs, data scientists & technologists, so we understand both business analysis and the technical challenges of creating digital innovation that drives progress.


We’re a creative marketing team that can help your brand identify growth opportunities. Specifically, we help brands tell their stories more effectively while reaching the right audiences and realizing quantifiable growth.

Let’s Talk! We’re diverse, we’re fun and we bust our butts for our clients.

Quite simply, we love what we do…

Data Scientist with a background in applied mathematics. Merging various data sets, statistics and econometrics, I use machine learning techniques on large data sets to understand and predict market behavior.

I’m a growth hacker obsessed in helping businesses excel. I help brands transform their marketing to create meaningful, personalized customer experiences that deliver competitive advantages so businesses increase revenues faster and lower staffing costs with extraordinary revenue results.


We’ve got an expert available to tackle every problem. Starting with a scientific approach, diving deep into your data, your past or historical data insights, we predict both customer and prospect behaviour with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).


Set at an individual level, Data Insight marketers embrace the latest technologies, apply myriad new influencer solutions to deliver personalized communications with persona driven campaign management that dramatically increases conversions and produce highly accurate predictions for tomorrow.

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With data marketing, we can help you define your brands foundation to increase awareness. Precise experiences across all channels. Immersive, personalized interactions of engagement to your target audiences for customer acquisition.

 We apply a blend of predictive analytics intelligence and data driven content mapping to shape and customize every consumer connection. Experiences that are intuitive by leveraging contemporary engineering practices and platforms.

It works like this.. Once the we have analyzed a client’s data, we apply machine learning consumer insights process  “data alchemy” which groups your product, sales and customer into behavioural conversion optimisation clusters laying the framework for your route-to-market strategy. 

Our specialties: Web & Media Analytics, Online/offline attribution,Tracking, Media-buying, Customer Analytics, Web-testing (A/B, multivariate), RTB, SEM, Content Optimisation, Attribution, Data solutions, Data mining & Data Science, and Predictive Analysis.

Data Research & Planning

Advanced analytics, data collection, predictive modelling for audience insight, and sales forecasting machine learning. Determining the sales potential of your customer, products and services.

Brand Awareness

Data insights for small business targets your ideal customer with highly compelling and relevant content to target audiences.

Relationship Nurturing

Audience insights based on behavioral data, we retarget your audiences with highly contextual content to nurture the sale

Conversion Optimization

Value-based relationship marketing to the customer so that you do no have to sell to customers as they already sold themselves.


Real campaigns and real results efficiently at scale.

Loyalty & Retention

To up-sell, cross-sell, show them relevant content and get them coming back for more...and more!

Imagine, Design & Deliver Intuitive Customer Experiences. The Zeitgeist of Marketing.