With over 2.5 billion active users, Facebook Ads are the most popular social media ad solution. Users share highly engaging content, including video, audio, and messages so can businesses too. Advertising on Facebook’s group of apps is the leading way to connect with new customers and grow brand awareness and can be set to any budget.

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When it comes to connecting to future customers or fans, building brand awareness across social platforms is the primary factor. No matter what industry you are in, Facebook ad-buying technics resemble and overlap. Social ad campaigns are often found fragmented, and poorly structured. This is particularly noticeable in both the real estate and automotive industry, where they are typically missing out on Facebook’s machine learning feature that enables brands to target local people most likely to buy and identify and match up an ad with their desired model of car available in their locale.


Facebook Marketing Advertising Funnel

When it comes to buying a vehicle, statistics show that Facebook remains the leading influencer.

2020 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY REPORT cites that 40% of all auto sales will be from a combination of social media and display advertising. If your dealership ignores this avenue, your car sales will start to fall behind the competition. cites that 81% of car shoppers use mobile devices to do research when making a car purchase and  63% while standing on-premise, at the dealership. 25% of people research vehicles before visiting a dealership.

Automotive digital ad spend

Ad spend is also on the rise. If you aren’t optimizing your auto sales strategies and include native advertising, Facebook’s list-based retargeting and remarketing advertising, chances are that you are likely to fall behind,  because your competition is.


Facebook Ads Matches Cars With Shoppers 

From creating demand for new models and features with Facebook’s audience insights targeting tool to pull buyers in the store for a test drive.

When CRM data matching is applied with Facebook’s AI machine learning (to pinpoint prospects most ready to buy) the better the data, the better the results. Finding online shoppers and convincing them to come to the store, couldn’t be easier.

Facebook accelerates every phase of the buyers journey. An effort that goes well beyond creating a Facebook and Instagram business page. Brands can be fully engaged with local buyers using their customer data fed into Facebook’s customer insights AI.

Facebook and Instagram ads engage, promote specials and create trackable offers by combining Facebook pixel tracking visitors on your website and matching shoppers’ activities with images from an online catalog of vehicle models.

Facebook Instagram Lead Generation Funnel

List-based retargeting allows brands to reach audiences that have readily supplied their contact details, like a phone number and email address. When the pixel-based method is applied, this gives the brand a chance to track nearly every person that clicks on the site and the product page.

Because auto shoppers will visit a few different car dealership websites before they decide on what model to buy, Facebook’s data collection profile-building identifies the web persona without the use of personally identifiable information. Establish it like this:

Facebook Retargeting Ad Strategy

Once the data is stored, the shopper will see ads unique to their interests. If a brand placed a pixel on a specific product page, the visitors will be retargeted with car models from that page.

Having access to these highly targetted leads mean that, dealerships can connect qualified customers who are ready to purchase a car from their local dealership. Simply said as retargeting to shoppers online to bring them into the dealership to purchase.



  • Facebook Pixel
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Automotive Inventory Ads
  • Lead Ads

To align Facebook marketing efforts to reach more shoppers, the first step is to create and install the pixels. Second is to combine target audiences with customer data and Facebooks custom audiences. This infrastructure to seamlessly pass audience data—including collected information on in-market customers whose browsing behaviour showed they were looking to purchase—at the local dealership.

To attract new customers to browse cars on dealership websites, ads are presented to people within 25 miles of a car dealership who had visited their website online. Facebook Dynamic Auto Ads allow you to showcase your inventory by combining your product feed with the Facebook pixel on your website.

Instagram Car Sales AdsInstagram Auto Sales Ads

Another set of Ads targeted local people aged 18–65, who are interested in owning a brand model. Ads were also shown to lookalike audiences based on Custom Audiences of car shoppers who had visited the car dealerships’ website. 

Lookalike audiences are a Facebook segmentation Ai that locates users whose interests and demographics are similar to those of your source audience. This is an extremely powerful marketing solution for efficiently identifying high-converting users.

Ad creative lifestyle shots and product images were accompanied by the clear incentive, $500 trade-in credit. A call-to-action button prompted people to “Sign Up.” The ads linked to a lead generation form, which was filled out automatically based on the information in a person’s Facebook profile, making it quick and easy to complete.

“Why is Facebook Advertising So Effective?”

  • 63% increased website visits
  • 63% new customer dealership visits
  • 12x return on ad spend

Another example was an ongoing campaign that expanded Faulkner Automotive dealerships’ audience of online car shoppers, convincing them to come in and drive cars right off the lot. Results included:

  • 5,013 vehicles sold across 25 dealerships (Oct. 2018 to May 2019) attributable to Facebook ads
  • 57 car sold on average per dealership in May 2019 attributable to Facebook ads
  • 90% decrease in cost per purchase with automotive inventory ads (comparing October to May)


How to accurately track sales from Facebook ads?

Using a feature called “offline events,” dealerships can upload their sales information (customer name, phone number, email) from on-the-lot sales into Facebook. The machine learning will match up the data set to the people who saw or clicked on these ads. This feature provides the dealership with the ability to measure the effectiveness of their ads through various touchpoints of the shopper’s journey.

Facebook’s ads are a crucial tool for dealership marketing. Driving traffic with lookalike audiences, retargeting interested shoppers and tracking attribution with offline events is a complete funnel solution that’s driven more success for dealerships than any other marketing channel.

With this amazing listed examples here you should now be ready to get started with some amazing Facebook ad campaign ideas of your own. Hopefully, you are now feeling excited about the great marketing you can achieve with Data Insight Facebook advertising. Rock on! Go ahead and make some Facebook ads!

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Written by Nicole D Paolino
Written by Nicole D Paolino

Nicole is the co-founder of the data-driven marketing agency Data Insight, which has helped startups and great companies grow their revenues online.

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